Esalen®massage salon なみの音(Namino-oto)

                                                          ~Sound of the Ocean~  

★Exclusively for women★

English speaking certified massage therapist.




☆Esalen® massage


Born and nurtured at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, USA for more than 50 years, Esalen massage is a very relaxing oil massage for the whole body. It helps integrate your body, mind and spirit.


 80min session : ¥9,000-

 95min session : ¥11,000-

 120min session : ¥14,000-


 25%discount for the first-time customer. (~2017/6/30) (20%discount starting from 2017/7/1)


☆Meridian balancing bodywork (Keiraku balance Seitai)

Meridian, known as "Keiraku" in Japanese, is the system of pathways of Chi energy. Applying pressure with fingers along meridian pathways eases the tension and stiffness of your muscles and enhances the circulation of your body. No oil is used for this treatment. You will be fully clothed, so please wear or bring comfortable clothing. T shirts and sweat pants are most ideal.


 60min session : ¥5,000- 

 70min session : ¥5,800-

 80min session : ¥6,600-

 90min session : ¥7,400-

 (sorry, no discount for the first-time customer for this treatment.)


★Payments are accepted by cash(Japanese yen) only.

★Please be sure to be on time for the appointment.

 If you arrive late, your session may get shorter.




Appointment/Contact :

 If you have questions about the massage sessions at my salon,

 please feel free to contact me before making an appointment.


Please make your appoimtment at least one day prior to your choice of date.


Cancellation policy :

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact the therapist as soon as possible.

If you cancel your appointment on the day, you will be charged 100% of the fee.


Hours :

10:00~19:00(starting time of the session)

Close : No fixed holiday other than Thursday morning


Address :

3 chome Nishi-machi, Fukuyama city, Hiroshima

10 minute walk from Fukuyama station.

Further access information and contact phone number will be sent to you in the confirmation email of your appointment.